Best thing I’ve seen all morning – This or that

Guys, the Nuggets won and JJ Hickson destroyed Marvin Williams, oh good lord!

In other news, JR Smith is back and was truly horrible in his return. He will undoubtedly go for 40 in his next game. In other Knicks news, maniacal owner Jimmie ‘Hardtimes’ Dolan is in a blues band called JD and the Straight Shot.
We’re going to give our readers a minute to digest that.
Ok, better, well, he used that bully pulpit to guarantee a win for his squad against the Ca-caawwws! Melo’s response half-way down that article is brilliant. And since we’re on the subject of the Knicks, let’s check in on Chris Smith, JR’s brother and summer-league baggage…

Within the Knicks coaching staff, they believe Chris Smith doesn’t even have the talent to be an NBA Development League player – never mind worthy of a roster spot. One opposing GM called him “maybe the worst player in the history of the NBA summer league.”

That’s a burn.
Stay tuned until the end of this bloggy-blog to see more Knicks hi-jinks!
Breaking news, Blake Griffin is a dirty player. He has turned his evil stare onto Corey Brewer, you will pay for this Griffy!
The Pacers are still undefeated despite David Stern instructing his officials to be total idiots. Seriously, I guess they should retroactively T up MJ a bunch of times too. Idiots.

But for the best thing I’ve seen all morning, it isn’t Gerald Green doing awesome dunks, nope, it’s Andrea Bargnani making us all laugh so, so much. It’s like he exists to create hilarious GIF’s.
Bonus time! Long read on the origins of Pierre the Pelican. Worth a good 15 minutes or your time.

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